Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crop-a-Thon { 23.05.08 }

Title : i was made for you

Journaling: Myra + Fahmi 2007

Completed this layout at the Crop-a-thon 2008.
Check out the photos taken during the crop...

This ones for my baby sister who has been
bugging me to scrap anyone other than the munchkin.
Myra and Fahmi....4 yrs on.
Never met 2 people that a so alike
and so compatible.


(Didn't quite like the lace cardstock in the bckgrd - looked too messy.

Decided to remove.
Which do you prefer with or without ?)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

one & only


O was down with fever since Friday.
His PaPa diagnosed him with HFMD only yesterday
after seeing the rash on his hands and feet.
Poor baby couldn't tolerate drinking his milk past few days
due to the ulcers in his mouth.

But baby boy has been quite a trouper.
He took the medicine we gave him.

He is much better today..... playing and generally more active.

Oh gave mummy such a scare !
I am so GLAD the worst is over....

my BEAUTIFUL child