Sunday, November 30, 2008


O at 3 weeks : when your tushy fitted the palm of my hand !

close ups
the journaling stamp is from Scarlet lime kit

swirls are from a stamp "treasure the moment"


this layout was made using the RAK
from my dear scrapper friend Sophia.
thanks sweets
when are we cropping again eh ?
itchy fingers leh :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


was greeted by this on Monday ...
made the rest of my day good ...
not so blue ....
thank you MWL team for picking my layout ...
& it's true what they say...
Singapore has many talented scrappers ...
I truly am inspired by them ...
scrap on ladies...
scrap on !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art after the storm....

Oh boy... last 2 weeks were tiring ...
I am winding down with art therapy...
Hope you like what you see ...

Title: i love bEiNg ur mummy
(O and me Surabaya 06/2008)


& a teeny sneekie ...
of a lil cheekie...

(you will hafta wait and see for the
whole-she-bang reveal next week)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Between grants, interview, conferences and art...

So, past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of events !
Mentioned about the conference I attended last
week in previous post...
Euphoria of winning the YIA has ebbed ;(

Last Thursday presented myself for an all important interview :)
Received aa email on Friday from them...
Glad to say that the outcome was favourable...hehehe...
suffice to say that I am relieved...
I don't have to revert back to desperate tai-tai

This week I have been kept busy with putting
together a grant proposal
It's my first one so learning curve was steep...
I am thankful that there are people willing to
help and guide me through this.
Thank you.. you know who you are :)

Lastly, was in a creating frenzy over the weekend...
between all the homework for the grant,
chasing after O-boy and doing the laundry & dishes...
I managed to make some pretty pretty things.

Warning : invasion of your computer screen with tonnes of photos :)

Title: Inspired
(have yet to pen down my thoughts for this one
afraid that if I do it would sound extremely scientific
grant-fever leh ...hhehehe)

close ups Amy B's new line

Made a lil altered art with the acrylic album I bought sometime back.
Used one of the pieces..the rest still naked :)
Used Amy B's papers again...
This one says: self...
Do what you love,
Love what you do....

Title: bubble boy
who would have guessed looking at O
dancing amongst the bubbles
that he was petrified of them
only 2 months ago
he has conquered his fear of bubbles.
look at him now !
mummy and papa are so proud of u !

Lastly, made this little card.
Card says :
Lets go dancing.
hehehe...this was a fun one !
loved dressing up the little owl :)

That's all for now.

Sorry for the overload.

Thanks for dropping by and wish me luck for the grant.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

A lil good news !

I was at a conference on Tuesday to present a part of my research findings.
The presentation went well (I have presented this piece of work countless times but mostly to my team members *shy*). It was a 5min slide presentation followed by 1min Q&A. If memory doesn't fail me, I remembered answering the judges question fairly okay.
Yesterday, while on E leave (O was down with fever) I received an
SMS from my supervisor saying that I won the YIA.
My first thought was "huh?"
What's YIA?
I had actually won the Young Investigator's Award....hehehehe...
mind you, young is anyone under 40 years of age...hehehehe....
So, with this award came a cert and some prize moolahs.
I am beaming...
I still have a silly grin on my face since yesterday.
Happy...Happy...Happy !
Young...yes...I like that title :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

watch me GRoW

O at 26 months


when i saw this Luxe paper I knew I had the perfect photo for it

journaling is mostly about O's relationship with
his beloved tutu (pacifier/dummy) and
how the hubs has to set aside some moolahs
for braces for his son

tfl !