Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have been busy...

with work...
that I haven't had the time to upload this layout
for a challenge :(
Anyways, here it is....

Title: Pureness of heart

The flowers are cut from a fabric I bought from Spotlight eons ago...

I made the little heart by sewing (yup sewing) remnants of fabric
and stuffing the heart with tissue paper.
- I guess my A&E rotation did come in handy.

Sewed some beads on the flower to add some dimension.

A note to my son..

A card to complete the challenge
(using left-overs from the main lo)
Card says - you are loved or you are adored
(used my gorgeous SL stamp)
if my baby sis is reading this...
this is your birthday card!
You'll be getting this in the mail soon :)



I won L's "touchy-feely" challenge ...YAY!!!

Am still on cloud 9...

Couldn't believe the MWL DT's singled out my layout amongst

the others cos the other submissions were oh-my-god-gorgeous.

And then there's dear sweet L for organizing and supplying the RAK

that got us all drooling and scrapping REALLY hard in order to win it :)

You ROCK sweetheart !

And y'know the best part is......

I now have this layout of O...

to keep...

to remind...

to love...

to remember...

& to cherish.

(this is L's RAK - yummmmms)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


he he he he....
having my very own sneaks
(no particular reason really)
anyh-wayhs... I made this for a challenge
that's up at MWL at the mo...
beautiful L is hosting this one and she is
offering her fabulous RAKS as incentive for
the winner of the challenge.
check out the challenge T&C's and you'll know
how much fun
you'll have creating one
(read: i had so much fun digging up my
old fabric stash)

thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

{ in black & white }

One fine Saturday ...Papa tested out his camera in the B&W mode.
Snapped 2 (well one , actually) willing model tee hee hee..

To prep the (un-willing) model a few lifts up in the air
got him smiling and laughing for the camera.
Poor human-lifter had sore back thereafter...
but the photos are so well worth the effort!

Can you feel the excitement here??

Monday, July 14, 2008

Label Tulip June Challege - I won !

Made this for the June Challenge over at Label Tulip's
forum (finally touched my LT kits..PHEW!).
Challenge was to scrap those imperfect photos (see above)
which fortunately/unfortunately describes most of the
photos I have of the "smiley imp" (see above).
Was happy that this challenge allowed me to scrap this photo
because altho the photo is out of focus (read: imp moves too fast)
his smile just shines through...don't you agree ?
Title :
mr. SpEedY - that's my name
mummy calls me that because i move with the
speed of light so most of my photos are BLUR.
much to her frustration & much to my delight...
I won this challenge (hehehe..there was only one other entry)
I guess everyone was caught up with the LT anniversary bash
to notice this one :)
Am over the moon
Did the chicken dance when I found out...
Thank god no one was at home to witness
my wobbly booty shake :)
Anyways, thanks to the lovely ladies at LT
I'm a happy gal :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How exciting is this ?

Posted my usual weekly layout(s) last weekend and inadvertently
entered a layout call for MWL exhibition happening at
PS this weekend.
Jeepers !
Didn't know this until I did the usual read of the MWL blog
(it is Thursday rite??) and lo and behold I saw my name
(which I read and re-read like a hundred x to
confirm that it was really my name on that list
- see the list below).
Double jeepers !

chunling - ‘God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You’
fung - ‘Angels’
ileesum - ‘Together’
jenntan - ‘Be Yourself’
Laradee - ‘Take Time for FAMILY’ & ‘Apple Cheeks’
Lena - ‘Family’
marix - ‘Little Miss Sunshine’
michelleluitan - ‘Bliss - Our House’ & ‘Sweet Dreams’
momma2omar - ‘Bangkok Jam’ & ‘Hello Sunshine’
scrappychic - ‘Us’ & ‘The Music of My Life’
tan yin wen - ‘Buddies For Life’ & ‘Play’

DATES: 12-13 JULY ‘08

Now I am wearing a silly grin on my face and will
probly do so for the rest of the day.
It doesn't take much to make this girl HAPPY !

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some here Some there....

Title : Hello Sunshine !

Out & About
Here comes the sun !
And I am so prepared wearing
mummy's "eyeglasses".
Don't I look smashing !
{21 mos}

Title: bangkok jam

{bangkok jams probly due to}

elephant on the streets !

Omar got up close to a baby elephant
+ fed it sugar cane sticks !
What an experience !

Bangkok 2007

Thursday, July 3, 2008


...made this one for a colleague who just got engaged.
(the pics are horrible..sorry...was taken with HP)

...inside of the card says "congrats"
(had fun using my SL stamp on this one)