Sunday, October 31, 2010

Captain O of the High Seas ...

Ahoy me mateys !!!
Arrrrr ....

O-boy's costume for Halloween
held @ school last Wednesday
managed to rustle up an eye patch,
a pirate cap and a plastic sword
that doubles up as a water gun
first 2 were bought @ Spotlight
and last @ Daiso
(ahhh ... bless these 2 shops)

doesn't he look suave with the pirate
hat off to one side and all ... heee ...

O-pirate in action !

take care & happy weekend !

xox, N

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

he writes ...

O-boy @ 4 years 2 months
these photos are of him taken last Sunday
hehehe ... we (me & him) call it our un-official Sunday School

this is roughly our Sunday morning itenary -
morning milk
laze in bed a couple more mins
look for the work books
search for his pencil case (yes, he has one filled with pencils, Ikea markers and an eraser)

coaxing O-boy to sit at the dining table takes considerable mins

lessons begin ...
he practices his alphabets
after 15 mins (insert loads of bargaining, whining & some tears - not necessarily from O-boy)
he completes some sheets

he runs off to go watch some PHD - completes a show

tv is switched off
back to the dining table
for more writing lessons

as you can see in the photo i used for the LO above ...
he has a nice pencil grip
his alphabets are coming along as well
he has no problems with upper case letters
lower case is a different story altogether ...
letters like b,d,p,n,u confuses him at times

he loves doing numbers too
loves doing puzzles

lessons alternate between TV and writing
that's the only way teacher-momma can get him
to concentrate ....

ofcourse there's recess time ...
O-boy's menu : peanut butter sandwich, muruku, yogurt, cold water, biscuits.

he also loves writing his name on a little notepad
then tearing out the page and slipping the note to me
like little love notes *heart*

that's Sunday School for us ...

xox, N

Monday, October 25, 2010

piece of bad news ...

this munchkin had a fall at school about 2 weeks ago
he told me that he fell and knocked his front teeth
we thought nothing of it cos he said it wasn't paining him anymore
he could eat & drink cold drinks normally

a few days ago i noticed his left upper tooth turning grey
alerted the hubs
we googled the condition
grey tooth = damaged tooth root = dying tooth

so yesterday we paid a visit to the dentist
and our fears were confirmed
indeed the tooth is on it's way out

luckily, it isn't causing munchkin any discomfort
so, the dentist advised us to wait and see
as this is his milk teeth
chances are when munchkin's proper teeth show up
it will be normal and not affected by the previous dead tooth

on a brighter note ...
munchkin loves visiting the dentist
wants to go everyday if possible
and was quick to correct me that he gets to see
the dentist 2 times a year when i told him only once a year :)

for now ... we are monitoring the tooth ....

ps-guess who got to eat a choc sundae all to himself (after visiting the dentist, no less) ?? :)

xox, N