Sunday, May 31, 2009

I don't know my ABC's...

if you listen to O-boy's rendition of
his alphabet song, you'll crack up too
why ? well...
he manages all 26 alphabets
with proper pronounciation
however, the ending of the song
goes like this ...
"xyz...i DON'T know my abc's
tell me what you think of me"
wahhahahahha ...
aiyoh ... he is too cute !
obviously doesn't understand
the lyrics and just memorize
gave me inspiration to make
the layout below
to remember
this stage of his development
perhaps more for my own
memory than his.
they grow up too fast !
now, singing his abc's
next thing i know... off to college...

thanks for dropping by :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whats coming up in June ...

time flies on speedy wings all this year.
seems like i am forever running to catch up.
Phew... lemme catch my breath...
here are some sneakies of what
is install for the month
of June - coincidentally June is
my last month DT-ing with
ScrappinKids. it has been a
complete BLAST !
Thanks to sweet sweet Wati
for the opportunity.
To the RDT and DT's you guys ROCKED!
Thank you for your constant
inspiration and friendship.
Will miss you gals.
here's my sneakie for SK
do drop by the blog or forum
come 1st of June for the full reveal

next sneakie is for Groovie Cover

so peeps ... 1st of June ... pencil the date down :)

lotsa loves,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heads up ladies !

Scrappin Kids is looking for
fresh, fun, inspiring, talented
& versatile scrapper
to join the Scrappin Kids Crew

The DT term will be from July - Dec 09
If you have what it takes.......
Do email
with the header "DT Call"
a favourite layout of your lil ones

and do provide following information as well
1. Your name
2. Your current location
3. Your blog addresse / online gallery
4. A list of all Design Team (if any)
that you had been involved in previously or currently serving
5. Tell us a bit of yourself
Applications will be considered until 8th June 2009
ScrappinKids accept international applications as well!
So go on ... send your lovely
works of heart and join
the SK team !

Sunday, May 10, 2009

advice {no.12}

"when your day feels gloomy
... look for the silver lining.
it's there baby ...."
-mummy 09-
i never knew painting
could be so much FUN
till yesterday ....
as i watched my white CS
turn into THIS (above)
with just a little paint !
i am so glad i decided to
go for Celine Nevarro's layout class
held at my LSS yesterday...
take home message for me :
1. loosen up
2. there is no right or wrong
3. use your fingers
4. experiment
5. experiment
6. experiment
7. have FUN creating !!!
8. just whack :)
thank you Celine and MWL for a
truly wonderful experience !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beautiful Saturday ...

today, was spent with
my sweet lil niece and
beautiful sista-in-crime ML ..

we left both the daddies
around mid-morning
to do their man-thang
and headed to a cool
place to hang out and chill

we ended up at MWL at PS
tee hee... the kiddies were
happy but the mommies
were happier to be
surrounded by soooo much
scrap barangs !!!
later the daddies joined us
had some lunch
and off to class i went ...
managed to get a seat
in CN's layout class
it was SUPERB !!!
so totally out of my comfort zone ..
techniques were totally
new to me.... hahaha
i'm very traditional lah...
only paper, scissors and glue
so, today... i finally held a
heat gun (pls dun laugh k)
finally knew how to emboss
(aiyah, i paiseh already)
finally got to try glimmer misting
(this was fun)
and did ALOT of hand painting !!! ROCK !!!
Thank you and MWL for
the class :)

leaving you with
some photos from today

our future F1 drivers :)

the wheels on the bus
go round and round
round and round
round and round....
KA & KE ... don't they look
cute as bus driver and
conductor ?
Oh yeah ! I am hosting a
simple weekend challenge
over at Scrappin Kids...
if you are a mom or wanna
make something special
for your own mom...
check out the challenge
join in kay...
there will be a RAK for
the winner !!
lastly, wanna wish all the mommies
you are amazing !!!
bear hugs..

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am blessed ...

O-boy came home on Friday
with this card
he made at playschool
which he presented to me
accompanied with a hug
and "i love you, mummy" message
i looked at it
and burst out crying
words just can't describe
this feeling of pride, love and
blessed-ness which rushed
into my heart all at once

thank you baby for coming
into my life and
making it a beautiful one !
those are his hands :)
shaped like a heart

message inside was just awesome !

thank you baby...


Friday, May 1, 2009

May Groovie Cover Challenge

wow ... it's May already?!!
Goodness, time flies when
you're having a ball, eh.
anyways, this month's
challenge made my jaw
drop when i received
the cover image...... thanks Ed !
so totally not my kinda
stuff ... hehehe..
but i eventually managed
to get myself to step
outside my scrap-box and
created this layout :)
it's not called a challenge
for nothing, i guess.
pretty happy with the
final look of this one
Title: you rock my WORLD

so, go on over to the
cover challenge site
do give it a go !
I had soo much fun
doing this one ..
i know you will too
once you pick your jaw
off the floor ..tee hee hee..
take care,